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March 21, 2018

RList+ 1.4 Dated 19.03.2018

RList+ Version 1.4 released on 19.03.2018
This can be used by both DOP (DO, CPC, HO) and Bulk Customers.
When any article is deleted the SL no will be reset.
At the startup, it will ask Prepaid Bulk or Bulk. Depending on selection other option will be hidden.
MDB is modified. But, will work with RList+ 1.3 MDB.
For DOP use, MDB is to be replaced.

Complete Setup:

Exe and MDB:

March 1, 2018

RList 4.3 Dated 01.03.2018

RList  4.3 for the use of Divisional office, Head Post office, CPC etc for generating Excel data of bulk booked Service RLs for uploading in CSI POS   released on 01.03.2018.
This setup contains the features of  Day begin and Day End feature provided to RList+

Download Complete Setup (12 MB)
Download Exe only with Patch 01032018
(For users of RList 4.2)
RList+ 1.3 Dated 01.03.2018

The release dated 25.02.18 contained bug of not closing the application properly. This is fixed in this setup.

RList+1.3 Complete Setup (12 MB)
Download Exe only with Patch 01032018

February 27, 2018

RList+ 1.3 Released on 25.02.18

RList+ - Tool for preparing the data in Excel Sheet by the Bulk Customers who are providing Regd Letters in Bulk for booking. Version 1.3 is released on 25.02.2018

Day begin and Day end feature is added to RList+. This  acts as a Lock against continuing data entry once data is exported.

Existing users of RList+ 1.2
Can update the software by copying RList+ exe and Patch250218.exe to the application path.
Execute  Patch250218.exe in application path to update the database.

On clicking Rlist+1.3, Application will ask for Day begin. 

Click on Day Begin button. Day begin will happen. Then restart application.

Now Day End option can be seen and only RLs Bulk Booking data entry option is enabled. Observe that the Data export and Report are now disabled.

Once data entry is over, Click on Day End. 
When Day end is over, the application will close. Restart the application.
Now Data export and reports are enabled. Day Begin option is seen. If for any reason, data entry is to be continued, simply do the Day begin once again.
Bugs fixed:

  • The $ sign appearing in the Excel sheet is removed.
  • Invalid Procedure call or argument error fixed.
  • Scanner mode "Invalid Entry" message fixed.

Complete Setup - For new installation (12MB)

Patch25022018 -  For existing users, to update the Exe and Database ( 315KB)