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April 17, 2018

srfix Tools updated 23.04.2018

All these Setups re created on 16.04.2018 are fully compatible for Windows 10
Minor bugs are fixed in all these Setups. If already installed, just download the latest EXE and start using.
All Setups include Registry files for Regional Settings which are to be run manually. You can download here also:
Updated on 20.04.2018

Modified on 23.04.18
Tool for Divisional office to keep a record for the distribution of registered letters received daily. This was a part of RList earlier. Can be used both in CSI and non CSI environment.

DODak Complete Setup:

DODak Exe Only

Slipgen 1.2
Modified on 23.04.18
Tool for  HO/SO to have a record of documents sent to SOs/BOs in CSI environment.

Slipgen Complete Setup

Slipgen Exe Only:


RList+ 1.4
Modified on 22.04.18
Tool for  generating XLS file by the Bulk Customer, DO, CPC etc for presenting in CSI offices for bulk upload (Bulk and Prepaid Bulk)
New: You can reset SL Number of RLs booked, if any break found. 

RList1.4+ Complete Setup:

RList+1.4 Exe Only

Weblink 10 
One right click to link all 
If the tool in the form of exe is not properly working in Windows 10, you can use the complete setup. 

Weblink 10 Complete Setup Updated on 20.04.2018

Weblink Exe Only

Report on bugs most welcome.

April 8, 2018

Slipgen 1.1 Dated 09.04.2018

Slipgen 1.1
A tool created by srfix for CSI environment.
(To create SO/BO Slips)

For new installation , Download the Setup file. Extract it. Run the Setup.exe
Application will be installed in C:\Program Files\Slipgen
On first run, it will ask for creation of Operator.
As administrator login to the tool using the password sa (This password cannot be changed)
For other details, please have a look:

What is New?:
Provision is made to Print the Slip of Selected Office.

Complete Setup of Slipgen 1.1:

Exisiting users can download the Exe only and replace the exe in C:\Program Files\Slipgen.

Exe and MDB only :
Regional Settings Registry files:
Pl send your feedback, report on bugs to :
Shivaram EV

April 3, 2018

Installation of .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with .NET framework 4.5 pre-installed, but many applications developed in Vista and Windows 7 era require the .NET framework v3.5 installed along with 4.5. These applications will not run unless you install the required version. When you try to run any such app, Windows 10 will prompt you to download and install .NET framework 3.5 from the Internet. However, this will take a lot of time. You can save your time and install .NET Framework 3.5 from the Windows 10 installation media. This method is much faster and does not even require an Internet connection. Here is how to install it.

To install .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10, do the following:
  1. Insert your Windows 10 DVD, or double click its ISO image, or insert your bootable flash drive with Windows 10, depending on what you have. 
  2. Open 'This PC' in File Explorer and note the drive letter of the installation media you have inserted.
  3. Right click Dotnet3.5Installer.bat file and choose Run as administrator. The file will install .NET Framework 3.5 automatically after finding the drive letter of your Windows 10 installation media.

Courtesy: Sergey Tkachenko,Winaero